Best AC's to beat the heat this summer!!!

Hello everyone,summer is here and so is heat,hence to beat the heat in your homes E&L has researched and collected best ACs based on capacity and star rating of ACs to help you to choose the right ACs without much hustle of going to market and doing intense researches.Lets begin:
  • AC Type-Split/Capacity-1.5 ton/star rating-3: Following ACs are best split ACs with an Annual energy consumption in the range of 830 kWh to 1100 kWh and looks aesthetically good as well.These ratings looks different on paper but in actual will impact your monthly bill more or less same.

  • AC Type-Split/Capacity-1.5 ton/star rating-5: Following are the 1.5 ton ACs with better energy consumption efficiency: 

  • AC Type-Window/Capacity-1.5 ton/start rating-3 star:Window ACs are easy to install,its servicing and maintenance is easy, easy to fit on window, doesn't take any extra space in your room and are great if you have a small room.Here are the best options available on amazon to choose from:

  • AC Type-Window/Capacity-1.5 ton/start rating-5 star: Here are other options of more energy efficient window ACs:

  • AC Type-Split/Capacity-2 ton/start rating-3 star: When the rooms are big , the ACs required are of larger capacity and hence comes the ACs with 2 tons of refrigeration capacity. Following are the 4 best 2 tons capacity ACs available on Amazon:   
  • AC Type-Split/Capacity-2 ton/start rating-5 star: Big rooms and and want better energy efficiencies, then look no further here E&L has collected the 5 best ACs available on Amazon with 5 start energy ratings.

  • AC Type-Window/Capacity-2 ton/start rating-3+ star: In case window AC with larger capacity are the more feasible option to be installed in your room then following are the 6 best 2 ton capacity window AC available on Amazon. 


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